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30 de septiembre de 2015

My Tantric Numerology

Soul of 5

The key word for you is balance. If your body is out of tune, you cannot reach a balance in your internal processes. When you are under stress, you have an inability to make sacrifices. This manifests in such a way that you can't push yourself out of your "comfort zone" in order to serve others or to serve your own soul. It is a problem of self-discipline versus self-indulgence. Your self-indulgence will take you on the path of self-destruction unless you go through a conscious clearing process for 1000 days so that you can gain the ability to sacrifice your own comfort and give up your anger. The solution is for you to accept the fact that you must teach others how to experience their own inner identity. If you connect yourself to your Soul, you will experience your own inner identity which is that of a teacher. It is through your self-sacrifice that the essence of who you are can be expressed in your life.

Karma of 7

You feel overwhelmed by the external world. You may walk into a group of people with a speech completely prepared, and then be unable to speak at all. There is so much input coming in that it tends to totally confuse your mind. This tends to undermine your confidence in yourself. The solution is to strengthen your projection so that you can walk into any situation or environment and feel totally centered and confident, no matter how much confusion or negativity may be present. With a strong projection, no negativity can affect you. You will not only feel elevated yourself, but you will be able to elevate all those around you and uplift any situation.

Gift of 11

The key to accepting your GIFT is to connect with your soul. You cannot accept and use your gift unless you feel that you deserve it. Remember, this gift is already yours. Relax, use it and enjoy it. Your gift is to be able to express the energy of any of the ten spiritual bodies whenever you wish to do so. This gives you absolute royalty, mastery and projection. Your gift is also to be able to embody the essence of kingliness and regalness so well, that all who see you are inspired and elevated. Your gift will manifest in your life if you keep up on a spiritual path.

Destiny of 3

Other people tend to see you as a cheerful person, someone who is optimistic and who always has something positive to say. You are seen as someone who always has the capacity to see the way out of any problem and to see the bright side of any situation. This positivity has been developed through many lifetimes and others enjoy being around you because of it.

Path of 6

The path to success and fulfillment in your life is to be a person of prayer. If you practice a spiritual lifestyle and consciously connect to your Soul, then you will always be known as a prayerful, calm, and confident person. Your divine expression as a human being is to be a channel that people relate to as a "person at prayer", a holy person, a representative of God. It is through your concentration, your one-pointedness, your projection and your stability and control, that you will find success in your life.
Suggested personal sadhana

TO MASTER THE FIFTH (PHYSICAL) BODY: In order to work on and strengthen your PHYSICAL BODY you can do any or all of the following yogic techniques:

    Engage in strong physical exercise daily.
    Read the poem Sukhmani Sahib by Guru Arjan every day. This poem is contained in the book "Peace Lagoon."
    Do the following meditation: Sit in easy pose with the hands in prayer pose at the Heart Center. Chant "Aad Guray Nameh" as the arms go out, forwards and upwards at a 60 degree angle. Chant "Jugaad Guray Nameh" as the hands go back to the Heart Center. Chant "Sat Guray Nameh" as the arms go up and out to 60 degrees, and then chant "Siri Guru Devay Nameh" as the hands go back to the heart. Continue for 31 minutes with the eyes focused at the third eye point or the tip of the nose.
    Do the exercise set, "Transforming the Lower Triangle to the Higher Triangle".

TO MASTER THE SEVENTH (AURIC) BODY: In order to work on and strengthen your AURA you can do any or all of the following yogic techniques:

    Do the exercise set "Balancing the Aura".
    Do the "Meditation for the Divine Shield".
    Do the exercise set "Strengthening the Aura".
    Sing! Sing out loud, often and joyfully. Elevate others with your singing.

17 de septiembre de 2015

Declaración patrimonial

una cartera de ficciones,
un asiento terrestre con vista a las estrellas,
un cofre de humor que lleva penas a la banca rota,
un préstamo de latidos anuales con réditos,
una chequera de huellas por el mundo,
una colección de auroras con intereses,
un baúl de idiomas transferibles,
una cuenta de sueños invertida a largo plazo,
una herida de muerte que se cura con la vida,
no tengo más porque necesito nada,
y lo que más apreciado de todo es
la membresía a tu sonrisa.

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